Here is the Frequently Asked Questions page. We have collected here all if the most common questions being asked from us on a regular basis. Make sure to read them for your reference.

Terra Lux Corp FAQs

Do you have a physical store? If so, when can we find them?

We do not have any physical stores but many other brands are making use of the light sources that we provide. Make sure to check out what these brands are so you can have an idea on where to buy some of the products we have developed.

I have a question that I sent a few days back but until now I still haven’t received the answer to it. How to know the response to my inquiry?

Apologies about this. It is possible that we haven’t received the email or we responded but it is in your junk or spam mail. Make sure to check it out first before sending us an email again.

How to partner with you?

For interest in partnering with us, you can always contact us via the email address we have indicated at our Contact Us page. Rest assured that our representatives will be with you soon to know more about your concerns.

Do you have only a specific place you cover or do you extend even outside the United States?

We started catering only to the people in the United States. But through the years, we are able to respond. We are now covering a lot of different countries around the world. We reach even many countries in Asia and we are still growing.

Do you have an online store?

We do not have any online stores. We do not sell our products online. You can check our partners to know more about where you can get our products.