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Terra Lux Corp | About Us

Terra Lux Corp is a company that is the leader when it comes to manufacturing and coming up with LED based lighting products. We have a whole set of people here who are dedicated to making a research and inventing technological breakthroughs that will further improve the light sources that we have now. Why light? This is because we know first hand that light started it all. This makes way for technological advancement which then gives hope to the people. It fuels the starts of breakthroughs that make the lives of people easier and more convenient. Without light, we are going to be stuck to where we started – back during civilizations is far from reach.

We started over two decades already and since then we never stopped in giving people not only in the United States but also in the whole world a means to make their lives brighter through the light sources that we developed. From incandescent light, we have now the LEDs which are far more efficient and lasting without the expensive cost. That is just the start. We are bound to do more with your continuous support and trust. We owe it to our customers wherever we are now at present. Our start was not smooth sailing but you never failed to give us hope and we only want to give back to you through the services that we provide and the products. So expect more great things from us now and in the future.

What we promise our customers is that we are going to do our best so that we can serve them better. We will never let you down. So please do follow this website for more updates and more information about the products that we are developing. Always stay tuned with us here. We’d love to have you around.