Garage Door Installation – Not As Easy As It Looks

A garage door installation is not an easy task and most immature homeowners end up with several problems. In this article, you will find some useful pointers that could help you to install a garage door on your own.

There are different ways in which you can increase the curb appealing of your home to stands out as a best-maintained house in the neighbors. Installing a functional and aesthetic-appealing garage door is a good way to make your house unique. Installing an elegant garage door will not only enhance the aesthetic appealing but also improve the safety of your house. It has been reported that thieves have managed to enter your home through a broken garage door. Are you looking for information about garage door installation, there are several companies such as, Greenwich, CT garage door installation that offer valuable services.

For garage door installation, choosing the right type of spring will be the most important thing to consider. A standard torsion spring is extremely challenging and risky to install without professional assistance. On the opposite side, the extension springs will be easier to handle, so it is best to check the manufactures’ specifications to determine which one will be a good system to be used.

For new garage door installation, you should keep the manual on hand and ensure that you read the manual carefully before you start. There are some basic tools that you might need includes a hammer, level, pliers, tape measure, and screwdriver to accomplish a task. A sawhorse or a workbench can be required to assemble the different sections of the garage door.

In case, you have an older broken garage door, it is good to remove the existing garage door before installing a new one. Once you remove the old garage door along with the metallic tracks, it is strongly suggested to inspect the frame to find out any sign of damages or rot. The most important step of this procedure is to place the first section of the garage door carefully because the remaining sections will be placed on it.

To prevent the problem of crooked garage door, make sure that the brackets for the first sections are installed properly and tightened securely. After installing the first section carefully, you have to affix the tracks with their appropriate rollers. You should repeat the process of installing the sections, tracks, and rollers until everything is placed properly.

The next step would be installing horizontal tracks over the ceiling of the garage. It can be accomplished using a ladder or corresponding tool to support the horizontal tracks while focusing on the bracing. It is essential to maintain the exact balance of the tracks. Finally, install and set up the spring system. It is important to carefully read and follow the instruction mentioned in the manual while installing garage door springs.