Garage Door Safety Tips and Techniques

While automatic garage door with an electric opener is convenient to have. There are many horrible accidents and even deaths reported each year.

Reasons for these include the fact that the garage door is bulky and the heaviest moving equipment around your house. Due to its comfort and convenience, a garage door is often used to enter and exit the house. Well, the latest models of automatic garage doors come with built-in safety features.

One way to ensure the garage door safety is to upgrade it to a newer model that has safety system for the garage door and its opener. Since 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission imposed a law that all garage door openers are designed with external protection system which is a feature designed to free someone from a garage in the event of internal failure. Old garage door systems do not always have such safety features, increasing the potential risks of being trapped in the garage. The CPSC advised the auto-reversing feature significantly prevents potential personal injuries and property damages. The latest versions of the automatic garage doors have these safety features.

Another way to ensure garage door safety is regular garage door care and maintenance. Professionals suggest a monthly inspection of all moving parts of your garage door to make sure that everything will be working properly. It can also reduce the potential dangers associated with malfunctions. Regular garage door maintenance and lubrication will keep all the moving hardware in good working condition. You should consult a garage door technician to inspect the garage door every year. There are many stressed and complicated parts of the garage door including the opener that become malfunction over time. It can be one of the great risks.

Garage door sensors and other safety accessories in a mechanism play an important role in all acts of safety.  Homeowners with young kids should pay special attention to these suggestions. The auto-reverse system on a new garage door can detect the presence in the way of closing the garage door to prevent the garage door from closing on a child or something else.

The older models of garage doors did not have these features which can be dangerous. Installing an automatic garage door with an electric opener, safety accessories, and auto-reverse system will warning your kids against playing with the garage door. Mounting the manually operated keypad out of the reach of kids is strongly recommended as the safety technique to control the wrong use of the garage door.

Sum up the garage door safety guidelines:

  • Install an automatic garage door opener with rolling code technology to automatically change the security code every time you use the garage door
  • Install an auto-reverse system
  • Conduct regular garage door care and maintenance
  • Mount the keypad out of the reach of children
  • Don’t leave the garage door remote in an unlocked car
  • If you are going to leave your home for a longer period of time, make sure to unplug the opener properly

Remember, automatic garage doors can be dangerous. Although the safety system of modern garage doors has been increased there are still potential risks associated with them.